Posted by: Craig | 15 October, 2009

Chocolate…..and music, what more could you want!


On tuesday we had the Chocolate and Music Party at the Agricultural University in Suchdol.The rather trendy poster to the left, is the result of my roomate/teamate’s graphic design talent, including the Orange of the UT Longhorns football team.

This event was the first significant thing to happen this term in actually working with students, we initially went to the campus and helped a couple of Czech students (who will be leading the group) to hand out flyers, do questionnaires and of course hand out free chocolate. Normally I find this kind of first contact scary and this time was no exception until we got going and realised people are never as scary to talk to than you think.

Possibly the scarier part of it all was that Jez and I were performing with a saxophone guitar combo, a first time for both of us, and my first time performing in a looong time. It went well though sadly not many got involved with the Open mic part of the night but we did have our jaws drop when an unsuspecting girl sang beautiful classical music.

Overall it was a good event, we have both Christians and non-christians interested in joining the group for the weekly bible studies, and both Czech ad international students. So I guess prayers here will be that the group sticks and doesn’t fade back to nothing as students get busier.



  1. wow! That sounds great! I am encouraged to keep on praying for you and the team!

  2. Hi there,

    it was very good time, i have met wit the third priest.

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