Posted by: Craig | 3 February, 2010

Crazily belated Christmas post…

So this is the obligatory Christmas update one month late. If you did not know I spent my Christmas in the Czech Republic, and though I was away from family I had a wonderful time. Starting with Christmas eve where Jez and I went round our friends for a Czech Christmas dinner, fried salmon and potato salad (almost Czech as it is normally fried carp), this was a relaxing night with much conversation and a late night walk up the River Vtlava back to our apartment.

Then day 2 was time for a british Christmas with the classic Christmas roast, cooked by our team leaders wife which we know is a guaranteed quality meal, another great day so relaxing that there was a time when al 4 of us were each sitting on a sofa and reading our own books.

Christmas was rounded off with a trip to Usti nad Labem to see our one Czech staff member Tom Uher who gave us yet another good meal and took us to the top of a mountain near his home where, standing in snow, we could see Dresden in germany behind us and Czech towns in the valley in front.

God really is good, 3 years ago I met Keri and Marketa in Texas and now I was here having Christmas dinner in prague with them, and then both our team leader and the boss of UKH took the time to have us round and spend time with us. Following all this I spent new year with the Church youth group (here that includes 25/26 year olds) and it was a great night as i started to get to know some of the youth and I came out alive. Imagine fireworks night where teenagers have access to fireworks and are setting them off everywhere, and we are standing on a bridge watching it all and having them go off around us, it was a little scary, an experience to say the least.

Well that was all, sorry for the lateness



  1. Great to hear you had a good Christmas! Keep up the blogging!

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