Posted by: Craig | 5 March, 2010

Ski Camp 2010

Well I was going to make a video of Ski Camp but some of the main videos I wished to include are with my General Secretary who is currently in Malaysia.

So what is Ski camp I here you ask? and what am I doing skiing? Well it is an annual camp put on by UKH designed to give people and opportunity to here the truth of the gospel. Basically it looked like this :

Breakfast with a Talk

Skiing, or snowboarding if you are cool, all day


Relaxing evening with a light program, (We had a testimony, grill a christian, and a film)

The talks we did in the morning were based on three of Jesus’ I am statements in the

gospel of John, first Jeremy talked about Jesus being God when He said I AM, then Tom

talked about Jesus when he said I am the Way the Truth and the Life, lastly I talked about the statement I am the Resurrection and the Life. I talked about how Jesus IS the power of resurrection and I the source and author of Life and apart from God we are Dead, and then tried to show how the new creation/Heaven will be so much more than anything we can even imagine and that the desire for this is in us.

There was almost 20 of us there and so the camp was a great success, we continued to get to know people who have come to previous events and got to talk about how amazing the Gospel is, and had great fun enjoying Gods creation through Skiing/snowboarding and falling over!

Yes falling over, as there were 4 brits and a greek all in the stages of

learning, the first day jeremy and I tried our hand at snowboarding which involved a lot more falling over than skiing for me so at lunch I switched to skis where as Jeremy stuck with the snowboarding and was looking very cool by the end of the weekend. The weirdest thing was that Sunday morning I was skiing in to the wind with heavy snow all around me and that evening back in Prague all the snow had disappeared and it felt like spring had arrived.


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