Posted by: Craig | 10 March, 2010

Evolution as evidence for God ?

For those of you that do not know I have the opportunity to spend part of my work time in personal study and this year I am looking at science and Christianity. Well as part of this I have come across evolution quite a bit as it is the current “Hot Topic” in the New Atheist vs Christianity debate, now I am not going to do any debating or arguing here because there are people far more qualified than me to do that.

Though I am personally on the fence about evolution (macro) I do believe that there is no reason for it to be a hinderance to people coming to know God, evolution is debated within Christian circles and is just one of many views that exist on creation, we all agree on the important points such as the fact God created it. But there is one caveat, a Christian that believes evolution is the process through which life came about believes that God is still involved in the process and that God is sovereign over it, this is where the Christian evolutionist separates with the atheist evolutionist.

Now you might be wondering when I am going to get to the topic in the title of this post, well here goes though first I have to say that this is just a hypothetical thought. During my reading and study I have come across many arguments and counters in the debate over evolution, well the one I want to draw attention too is the idea that the chance of evolution happening, even taking into account the natural selection filtering process and ignoring some of the problems with how the variation arises in the first place, is tiny, especially when taking into account the time span we (scientists) believe the Universe to have existed and especially when considering the origin of the first life. The change from something non living to living is remarkable as even the most basic form of life we now of is still based on amazingly complex biology and the most complex non living thing can not even compare so the probability is so ridiculous that it has been described as a tornado going through a junk yard and spontaneously putting together a boeing 747.

Well as I said I am not here to argue for or against evolution but the point I want to make is that if we were to find empirical evidence showing, for sure, evolution (macro) to have happened and no new processes about which it works have been thought up, then the logical conclusion would be that there must be an intelligent external agent to guide the evolutionary process within the time frame we have.

The Christian Evolutionist does not have this problem because they already believe God to be sovereign over it. Just something to ponder, one of my random thoughts.


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