Posted by: Craig | 12 April, 2010

Trains, swing dancing and unexpected extrovertism…

So time for more of the life of Craig, starting 2 weeks ago when my room mate left for good old England, I thought I would use this time to get some reading and lecture listening done but behold, overnight I become an extrovert and just feel the need to get out of the house and see People! So for a whole two weeks I seem to either work or try to hang out with people. Easter weekend was a crazy time for me, not only celebrating the resurrection of Christ in which I went to a small international church plant alongside my czech church to have a Easter service in english, but it was the weekend of the Prague Spring Swing. This meant 4 nights of dancing (well actually 3 in the end), which was good fun, meeting international people, even some English, in particular I got to hang out with 6 people living in Germany, 2 americans, 3 Germans and one Irish, it was really encouraging to hang out with them as they are all Christian and 3 of them studying in a bible college and we got to chat about all sorts from dancing, and all our travels to what God might have in store for us in the future.

In the world of work it has been an exciting week, last Tuesday I was in Pardubice and this week I was leading the Talk/Discussion on The Reason behind evangelism, it was a real privilege getting to show the extent of God’s infiniteness, gloriousness and ownership of everything, and explain how that is behind all mission and evangelism. It turns out my assumption (in that I assumed all at the group already believed this) that hell exists and those that do not claim Christ as Lord, Saviour and Greatest treasure will go there, caused some controversy as some did not believe it exists but I know that others were challenged by Gods word during this talk. Anyway I might put a summary of the thoughts of that talk up sometime.

The other big event was the Ostrava weekend away, over 5 hours on a train to get to the Czech border town of Navsi and I was in a small town in forested hills where apparently the underground church met during the soviet era. It was a weekend organised by someone else who was gracious enough to let Jeremy and I have a session each and explain who UKH is and what the group is a part of. It was a tiring weekend as both nights were late ones, 1:30am and 2:30am respectively, the first playing guitar and singing random worship songs the second an epic night of games the climax for me being the game Samurai, which is awesome and I shall spread the word. It was great times all around and I had a lot conversations and fun with many of the students, and as always many were gracious enough to translate for us, talk to us in English and even help us with our Czech.

It was a busy too weeks but it has been great both in and out of work, God has been reminding me that it is easy to get comfortable and forget the gospel needs to be continually preached, and encouraging me with all that he has been doing.


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