Posted by: Craig | 17 September, 2010

Returning to Prague

The second year is upon me, I am back in the land of Beer and Dumplings, the capital of Bohemia, Prague. Flying to Prague this year was quite different to last year, this time I was not flying into the unknown, an alien culture, having little clue what I would be doing in a few weeks. This time it was a mixture of excitement and nervousness, with knowing the new ventures I am responsible for starting and knowing all that could go wrong.

I have to say I missed the Czech Republic over the summer, not only is it a beautiful city in which to live, and the beer is oh so cheap, but God was very gracious in giving me some really good friends and helping to really settle and have a life in Prague, and I missed a lot of good friends and am enjoying catching up and being reunited with many of them over this week.

Well unlike last year it is all go from day 1, we have already been on our Czech team orientation a fun 48 hours hanging out with our 2 newest members, Judith a new Interaction team member and Lukaš a new UKH volunteer. It is very exciting being able to have another  Czech staff member other than our general secretary, especially as our ultimate goal is to do ourselves out of a job by there being enough Czech staff that we are not needed. And I have two new groups to start, one in Pardubice and one in Dejvicka in Prague, and with both I really want to catch the 1st years and returning students before they get settled into a routine for the year so it is quite busy all ready as that time is here.

I hope to keep you all posted on the happenings of the year more regularly this year. Until next time, Čau.



  1. Beer and dumplings – always a winner! Am glad that the work is well underway, and will be praying that God gets much glory – to the extent that you get moved on to another gospel driven challenge (rather that doing yourself completely out of a job ;-)).

    All the best to you and the team!

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