Posted by: Craig | 5 November, 2010

A new thing and an old thing

So I have now been back in the Czech republic 2 months and God has been revealing his grace in both new things and old things.

My students in Pardubice group from last seem to have got off to a good start, with plans to do an evangelistic event this term (the Jez and Craig musical duo might be finally coming to Pardubice) and a general shift towards more biblically based studies, and several new faces appearing. I had the privilege last week of preaching on the Parable of the Prodigal son (or whatever name people are giving it these days), I hope and pray that God used the challenge in this parable combined with the overwhelming grace in it to rejuvenate sleepy hearts with a love and awe of their king. I know for me I was greatly challenged as I preached it, to recapture my love for God and not get caught up in seeing church life and salvation as a cold system, but remembering that my obeying and serving God should be out of love for him not my own gain, to this end the warmness of the parable is a great help where I see that God is a warm loving father he is the God who embraces us!

The new thing in Pardubice is this new side project which I am responsible for, which is a group that meets every week for an hour to dig deeper into the bible and pray for our friends and family who do not know Jesus, and then every 4/5 weeks do an event which our friends can come to and find out more about Jesus. Its been a slightly slower start than planned but it is going now and there are posters and everything, so please pray that Christians at the university notice this group exists and God gives them a desire to reach their lost friends.


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