Posted by: Craig | 2 February, 2011

North Central Consultation

In January we went to the IFES North Central Consultation which was just across the border in Poland, in one day a group of people walked to the Czech Republic and back. This conferance is probably my favourite of the year.

Firstly because this conferance is for National staff and volunteers and not just the IFES missionaries it means us English are in a minority and it actually feels like I am part of IFES europe. In fact 50% of the people there were Latvian Staff, but we also had either student leaders or staff from Estonia, lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, and Hungary.

Secondly it is because it is just inspiring to hear what God has been doing in these various countries, especially when many are tiny and have limited staff. The Latvians manage to have 5 staff (self supported which is impressive) and do tours of the Mark Drama, and now they are preparing there own bible study material to release. In Hungary they have had succesful mission events where they would have evangelistic and apologetic events throughtout a few days. In Austria some students used a Prop coffin and carried it around campus all day to advertise an evangelistic talk, which caused the lecture theatre to be jam packed. I could go on, but it is so encouraging to hear of all that God is doing around Europe.




  1. There were not 50% of Latvians at the conference, little less.. 🙂

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