Posted by: Craig | 3 August, 2011

The Englishest Camp

As you can see we have been teaching good grammatically correct English to Czechs again. Recently we had our annual English Camp, I believe this is the 7th and it is my 3rd. This is our biggest evangelistic event of the year, it has the highest participation, and is longest in length enabling us to give a really full gospel presentation throughout the course of the week. This year we shared the gospel from Luke and continued the superlative theme with our titles though these words actually exist.

The Scariest Boat Trip
The Calming of the Storm (Luke 8:22-25)
Jesus is God.

The Saddest Millionaire
The Rich Ruler (Luke 18:18-26)
We are all sinners like the ruler, we are idolaters. It is ‘impossible’ for man to save himself.
The Brightest Darkness
The words of Jesus on the Cross, Crucifixion account.
Jesus’ death was necessary to save us, Jesus provides salvation through death on the cross
The Greatest Gift
The Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Luke 18:9-14)
Grace. No one is beyond it or lacks need of it.
The Weirdest Reunion
Jesus’ appearance to his disciples (Luke 24:36-48)
The resurrection validates Jesus’ claims, the correct response to the Gospel is repentance (v47)
Along side this we ran apologetic seminars and fun workshops. This year a lot of fun was had in playing up the Englishness of the camp, the highlight for me being when we had a royal lunch, where we gave everyone invitations with their titles eg. Duke of Hull. Then before we ate we watched the central part of the royal wedding, and through out all of this Tom, Jez, Gareth and I were dressed in Shirts and Bow Ties affecting our poshest accents and serving everyone. It was a lot of fun.
The camp was smaller than the previous two years but there were many opportunities for conversations about gospel truths, many friendships were built and questions asked. Of note one girl was willing to directly ask me questions about my talk, and then I found out she intended to read the bible whilst on holiday the following week,one guy was very open throughout the week about feeling he is only intellectually a christian and that he needs a heart change, and lastly there was a guy who is thinking through a lot but is very open to the fact he might become a Christian in the future and I will be meeting with him regularly to help him with his English as he helps me with my Czech.
Praise God for all that he has done in the preparation and in the camp itself.

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