Who am I?

I am a recent graduate trying my best to glorify God in all my life. Currently I live in Prague in the Czech republic working with Christian university students.



  1. Hi Craig,

    Just read your posting on the IFES orientation. I work in the IFES office in Oxford, and am wondering if I could save this posting for possible use (anonymously) in a report or other publication. It gives a good realistic take on an aspect of our work. I also might like to use other postings of yours in the future…

    • Hi Penny,

      Sure this will be no problem.

  2. hey Craig,

    found your blog while googling “swing dancing” Prague 🙂 I was curious bec I was walking along the market under Charles Bridge and an English woman was performing blues and it made me wonder if ppl dance swing and blues here 🙂 … and what a pleasant surprise your profile is : not just a Swing Dancer in Prague but also a Christian Swing dancing Englishman in Prague 🙂 … do continue blogging about your dance adventures in Prague, I’m very curious about the Swing, Salsa, Bachata, Blues scene in Prague 🙂

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